Video Welcomes Notorious Felon Jack Abramoff

Foundation For Responsible Accountable Government Welcomes Notorious Convicted Felon Jack Abramoff to Tallahasee 


TALLAHASSEE– Foundation for Responsible Accountable Government today released a video highlighting the hypocrisy of Conservatives for Energy Freedom and Floridians for Solar Choice bringing former lobbyist and convicted felon Jack Abramoff to be the new face of the Solar Choice Amendment.
“A solar industry front group has brought in a lobbyist convicted for fraud, bribery and tax evasion to be the quarterback for the Solar Choice Amendment. Abramoff is the poster child for corruption and fraud, and now he is the poster child for the solar industry,” said Christine Bauserman, President of the FRAG.  ”It doesn’t get more hypocritical than that.” 
Arizonans know first hand what happens when the solar industry runs rampant with no consumer protections. Just this year two Arizona solar leasing companies were found guilty of misleading and defrauding customers. Christine continued, “Floridians should take a lesson from Arizona and beware. Regardless of the message that Abramoff wants to spread in Florida, or any other state, voters will see through this scam and will undoubtedly dismiss this endorsement from a known felon.”
Foundation for Responsible Accountable Government seeks to improve government accountability and efficiency by educating the public on concepts that advance government accountability, transparency, ethics, and related public policy issues.

FRAG Sues Tellman for Malicious Prosecution

from Becky Pallack, AZ Daily Star
Tucson political group sues activist who sued it

A Tucson political group is suing a Democratic activist who sued it earlier this month, saying the activist’s lawsuit was malicious.

The Foundation for Responsible Accountable Government Inc. filed a lawsuit in Pima County Superior Court Tuesday to ask a judge to award damages, costs and attorney’s fees from the lawsuit brought by Barbara Tellman.

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FRAG Goes to Court

Story by Becky Pallack, AZ Daily Star
President of ‘dark money’ group testifies in Tucson

It’s “nobody’s business” who donates to a corporation that gives money to a Tucson political action committee, the president of a so-called “dark money” group testified in court Friday.
Republican activist Christine Bauserman testified in a lawsuit against the Foundation for Responsible Accountable Government Inc.
The lawsuit, filed by Democratic activist Barbara Tellman, claims the corporation is not registered to do business in Arizona. Tellman is asking for a temporary restraining order to keep the company from conducting any further business in the state until it registers with the Arizona Corporation Commission.
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FRAG is Sued by Democrat activist Barbara Tellman

By Becky Pallack – AZ Daily Star

A Democratic activist is suing the group responsible for the political attack billboards around Tucson.
Barbara Tellman filed a lawsuit Tuesday asking a Pima County Superior Court judge to stop the Foundation for Responsible Accountable Government Inc. from doing business in Arizona.
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FRAG – Shaking Up Elections in Tucson

METRO WEEK: Independent Spending in Tucson Campaign

An independent campaign in Tucson is shaking up the way city elections have typically progressed.
The Revitalize Tucson committee opposes the four Democrats up for re-election: City Council members Shirley Scott, Paul Cunningham, Regina Romero and Mayor Jonathan Rothschild.
Campaign finance reports show the committee has received 99.9 percent of its funding from another organization, a corporation called the Foundation for Responsible Accountable Government. Both groups are run by Republicans Frank Antenori, a former state lawmaker, and Christine Bauserman, a political consultant. more here

Ballots: Miller complains she can’t watch

Here are links to the Tucson City Council election from the local media:

Miller complains she can’t watch county ballot-count test

Protocol mistake forces second test of ballot counting equipment

Security violation at Pima County elections



The Future of the Davis Monthan Air Force Base
OCT 27 * TUES 5-8 pm *


The Foundation for Responsible Accountable Government is pleased to present the topline results from a household survey of highly likely Democrat, Republican, and Independent voters in the Tucson City Council election.
The interviews were conducted on September 21st, 2015 by MBQF Consulting. This survey has a margin of error of +/- 2.79.

1. Are you aware you can vote for 3 candidates in the upcoming City Council Election?
yes 68.54%
no 31.46%

2. Of the current issues facing the City of Tucson, which one of the following, listed in alphabetical order, is the MOST important to you?
Base Closure 22.79%
Jobs 13.29%
Potholes 20.81%
Poverty 9.33%
Public Safety 4.29%
Homeless Population 2.15%
Tax Increases 5.20%
Wasteful Spending 17.18%
Other 4.95%
3. How would you rate the current job of the Tucson government, primarily the Tucson City Council?
Very Good 5.78%
Somewhat Good 40.13%
Poor 26.09%
Very Poor 21.06%
No Opinion 6.94%

4. The City Council is currently looking at raising Tucson property Taxes by 9.3% and they will be attempting to raise water taxes for the 4th year in a row. Would you support these actions?

Yes 15.85%
No 72.50%
Unsure 11.64%
5. According to a recent national study, The City of Tucson is the 5th poorest City in the United States and the poverty rate is 74% higher than the national average. How concerned are you about this?

Very Concerned 65.57%
Somewhat Concerned 25.68%
Unconcerned 4.79%
Very Unconcerned 1.32%
Not Sure 2.64%
6. According to a recent study by the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, Tucson ranked as the #1 city in Arizona for Violent Crimes. How concerned are you about this?

Very Concerned 72.26%
Somewhat Concerned 21.06%
Unconcerned 4.46%
Very Unconcerned 1.07%
Not Sure 1.16%
7. The local Davis Monthan Air Force Base may close down and the current Tucson City Council is doing nothing to prevent that from happening. How concerned are you about this?

Very Concerned 69.36%
Somewhat Concerned 16.35%
Unconcerned 8.42%
Very Unconcerned 3.22%
Not sure 2.64%
8. Tucson is currently ranked 5th for worst roads in the Nation. How concerned are you about this?
Very Concerned 61.85%
Somewhat Concerned 30.22%
Unconcerned 5.04%
Very Unconcerned 1.82%
Not Sure 1.07%
9. Knowing what you know now about the state of the City of Tucson How would you rate the job the current job of the Tucson government, primarily the Tucson City Council?
Very Good 4.13%
Somewhat Good 32.53%
Poor 32.95%
Very Poor 26.34%
No Opinion 4.05%
10. What party do you identify with?
Republican 31.71%
Democrat 45.25%
Independent 20.32%
Other 2.73%


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BONDS – Pima County Bonds – Wasteful or Necessary Spending? 
Aug 13 * Thur 6-8 pm * Miller-Golf Links Library
Joe Boogart – Spokesman, ‘Taxpayers Against Pima Bonds”
Larry Hecker – Chair, “YES on Pima County Bonds”
Tom Jenney – AZ State Director, Americans for Prosperity
Emil Franz – Politico, Radio Talk Show Host

ELECTIONS – Election Integrity in Pima County
Sept 26 * Sat 2-4 pm * Murphy-Wilmot Library

Oct * Murphy-Wilmot Library
Mark Spear
Senator Frank Antenori